Top 5 Construction Management Institutes in India

Construction Industry is evolving at a rapid speed with each passing day. Introduction of modern technologies has revolutionized the traditional working systems in the building industry. Use of advanced technologies like BIM, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and drones have changed the current working systems providing a quality output with effective time management.

Are you from Engineering background & searching for top construction management institutes to study further?

Well, let’s scroll down to explore the top 5 construction management institutes in India.

What is Construction Management?

In a straightforward language, Construction Management is overall planning, coordination, collaboration as well as control of a project while maintaining its quality.

Construction management plays a vital role in every building project. It is a significant service that uses various project management technologies to manage the planning and designing an entire construction of a project from start to end. The primary purpose of construction management is to examine project’s time, cost, as well as maintain the quality of the project.

Construction Management involves every single detail related to the construction of any built environment. The construction industry is facing enormous changes with the introduction of new technologies. Thus, they are now performing all the tasks smoothly and swiftly.

Top 5 Construction Management Institutes in India

BIM, i.e., Building Information Modeling is getting into momentum with the widespread use in building projects. But BIM is much more than a standalone software; it is a technology or a systematic process that involves creativity. Many institutes are providing sound training in BIM or Construction Management software’s like Autodesk Navisworks, Revit, etc. However, it also depends on the core technology and the working opportunities on live projects to determine the accuracy.

Well, here are few names of renowned Construction Management Institutes which provide quality training for BIM as well as various construction management software.


National Institute of Building Technology (NIBT)

National Institute of Building Technology offers multiple certification and training programs exclusively designed for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Architecture students. The students who wish to study abroad as well as learn advanced construction technology can also join NIBT. NIBT exclusively offers courses related to BIM Management, Skill Management, Design Management and Construction Management.

Besides the above-mentioned, NIBT also provides short-term training courses:

  • BIM for Architects
  • BIM for Contractors
  • BIM for Owners
  • BIM for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing)

For further information, please visit.

NICMAR: National Institute of Construction Management and Research

Since 1983, NICMAR is functioning with great success and is proud of becoming a pioneer institute in providing Advanced Construction Management Courses.

RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University

The RICS School of built environment serves Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. programs in Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure, Construction Management, Infrastructure Management along with the Facilities Management.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology of Madras conducts multiple undergraduate, Masters & Ph.D. programs on advanced construction management and building technology. The courses provide the students with an enormous opportunity in this evolving construction arena.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi

The Indira Gandhi National Open University, as the name suggests is an open university. It serves the educational aspirants about 1.8 million students in India. The university has its presence in about 32 countries and pride to recognize as one of the centers of excellence in construction management as well. The university offers various Ph.D. programs, Master’s Degree Programs, Bachelor’s Degree Program, Diploma as well as Advance Diploma courses in construction management.


All the institutes mentioned above are reputed for providing quality training in advance construction management. The courses designed will undoubtedly enhance the professional skills to cope-up with the ever-evolving challenges within the AEC Industry.

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