National Institute of Building Technology (NIBT): A Brief Tour


Are you from Engineering field? If yes, then you are quite familiar with the term Construction Management. Isn’t it? Are you aware of the best Construction Management courses provider?

Have you ever heard the name of National Institute of Building Technology aka NIBT?

If No, here is a brief tour of what is National Institute of Building Technology.

National Institute of Building Technology (NIBT)

NIBT also known as National Institute of Building Technology is India’s leading Construction Management solutions provider as well as training institute which is thoroughly creating awareness in the field of modern construction.

With the onset of modern construction technologies, the building industry is achieving new heights at a rapid speed. Use of latest technologies has made the construction work perform efficiently as well as effectively. The construction management today indeed was not same as it was 25 years ago. Due to an enormous boost in modern technologies, the changes industry is visualizing will mostly astonish you.

The Smart India mission is building up a lot of pomp in the current scenario as an essential strategy to drive economic growth thus help in improving the living lifestyle of people.

For the betterment of the future living conditions, Our Honorable PM. Narendra Modi has initiated “Smart Cities Mission” that has promoted innovative ideas and smarter solutions. Also, the adviser of NIBT Mr. Chetan Mogal was the panel member of “Smart Cities India.”

Creating skill workforce under the Smart Cities Mission, NIBT is trying its best to build the future generation according to current industry standards.

Safe, secure and adaptable cities are one of the primary tasks to be achieved to complete the Smart Cities Mission, thus, NIBT!  Also with the rise of many multinational firms attracting towards the modern construction technologies, expertise in the same arena is always a must-to-know thing to acquire a name as well as fame.

What does National Institute of Building Technology provide?

NIBT is extensively aiming towards building better career prospects for the future generation.

It is one of the major construction institutes, active in providing knowledge of latest construction trends within this evolving AEC Industry.

NIBT feels pride in becoming a trusted partner as well as Authorized Autodesk Training Center. It also collaborates with one of the top  U.S. Universities – Virginia Tech, Blacksburg.

NIBT got started as a budding R & D project with support from distinguished clients in the United States of America.

The initial aim of this project was the development of Skilled Persons to provide the needs and necessities of the evolving modern AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry.

Spreading its roots across India, NIBT is now in the race of providing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) courses in India.

In a very short span, NIBT marked its presence all over India as well in abroad. The institute grooms its trainees through excellent training sessions with hands-on live projects. Up till now, NIBT has a fantastic track record of 100% placements from all its batches.

Join the world-class Construction Management Institute to boost your career skills with a great hike.

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