VC201- REVIT Architecture & Structure Modeling


60 Days



Revit includes multiple functionalities for all the disciplines of the AEC industry i.e. Architecture, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Structure through one single user interface. It can build modeling structure technicalities of the building design, and can be further integrated in project management and analysis to make the building process more efficient, precise, and productive. Participants can also define and utilize their knowledge and skills to capture design and analyze design concepts through Architecture modeling and drawings.


This course will help learners to understand

I.the integration of Architecture and Structure for buildings.

II.the importance of conceptual design and structural analysis.

III.the process of BIM (Building Information Modeling) Coordination.

IV.the development and application of 3D model designs in BIM

This course covers comprehensive training for Revit Architecture and Structure Modeling, and its importance in the field of BIM Collaboration and Management integrated with system knowledge to build 3D model designs.

Learning Objective

  • Design integrated Architectural & Structural 3D models for a Building design
  • Summarize the BIM workflow.
  • Outline the various levels of LOD in BIM.
  • Develop Basic to Medium level Revit Modeling Skills.
  • Importance of international building technology and terminology.
  • Develop and discover skills for Basic Architectural 3D modeling and understanding architectural drawings.
  • Illustrate and Identify Applicable Architectural Codes and Overview.
  • Develop and discover skills for Basic Structural 3D modeling and understanding structural drawings.
  • Illustrate and Identify Applicable Structural Codes and Overview.
  • Identify Collaboration between Architecture and Structure.
  • Construct Construction Drawings and Documents.

Virtual Class Modules

Architecture Modeling

Module 1: Doors

Module 2: Roofs 

Module 3: Curtain Walls

Module 4: Stairs

Module 5: Scheduling     

Module 6: Detailing         

Module 7: Documentation

Module 8: Work-Sharing

Module 9: Presentations

Module 10: Revision

Structure Modeling

Module 1: Structural Columns

Module 2: Beams, Trusses & Braces

Module 3: Foundations & Footings

Module 4: Scheduling

Module 5: Detailing

Module 6: Documentation

Module 7: Work-Sharing      

Module 8: Presentation 

Module 9: Revision

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