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The paradigm shift: BIM will change the way we work. The typical top-down organizational chart won’t work for BIM because more collaboration is required. This becomes a barrier because old practices die hard.

Technology & software – without industry standards and interoperability, it can be difficult to share building models. This poses a problem because BIM requires collaboration.

Legal issues – there is a perception of increased liability within both the architectural and construction communities that is hindering industry implementation of BIM.

The most common question asked is, “Who’s receiving the most benefit and therefore should bear the cost of developing the model?” The growing consensus is that everyone benefits and therefore everyone should bear some of the cost.

As alluded to above, the out-of-pocket expense, even after spreading out the initial technology and training investment, is generally believed to be much less than the cost benefits. Research efforts are underway to prove this point, but until results are in, the biggest challenge is aligning who is receiving the benefit versus who is paying the out-of-pocket expenses. The delivery method, the contract type and the basis of reimbursement may dictate how and to whom the cost benefits will flow.

Make a plan and keep it simple and specific. Focus on tangible objects and avoid scope creep. Avoid implementing on multiple projects before you have learned the lessons of using BIM on one.

Most importantly, don’t oversell BIM or make promises that you can’t keep.

The BIM Protocol creates the obligation for builders to provide detailed BIM at specified levels. The protocol is the only way of enforcing the production of models as required under the Government BIM Strategy.  The Protocol also provides necessary additional protections for the producers of information through the inclusion of BIM-specific licenses.

It’s a combination of Audio, Video & textual contents of the specified courses. The courses can be accessed anytime as per their requirement. We emphasize on solving quizzes, small assignments, and webinars to get clarity on concepts in construction management.

Modules are designed on weekly basis as per the requirement of owners, architects, Engineers, Contractors, HVAC, Plumber and facility managers which would help them define their career path.

Yes, we have designed the course structure in such a way which would enable you to get clarity on concepts in construction management with the help of expert staff and quizzes, assignments, webinars.

Yes, we are trusted partner and   authorized training center for Autodesk, your certificate will be globally recognized

Varied softwares are used in BIM such as Revit, Bluebeam, Sketchup, Navisworks, Synchro, BIM 360 Glue, CAD CAM, AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, Fabrication CAMduct, virtual and augmented reality Mockups and many more as per structural requirement.

The process of identifying, Inspecting and reporting of interferences within the 3D Model, In the event 2 objects identify same space it is reported as clash. You can resolve the clash with the help of Navisworks software.

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