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This course creates awareness about BIM and its usage

Introduction to BIM gets easy if you know what BIM isn’t first. After covering what isn’t BIM, we will understand the journey from CAD to BIM and how the construction sector has adapted to this new BIM technology. Also, you will get to know how this technology has digitalized the designing and construction process and brought higher levels of effectiveness to construction projects.

BIM technology uses various tools for construction management.Some of the tools used are Revit for authoring, Navisworks for coordination and collaboration, Bluebeam for Scheduling, estimating and PDF coordination, Sketchup for actual side view modeling in virtual reality, 4D for Time Management and Project Tracking, 5D For Quantity take-off and Cost Estimating and Tekla for Structural Analysis and Design.

Who should attend :

  • Architecture students
  • Engineering students
  • Construction professionals in Architecture
  • Construction consultants

Learning Objective

  • To understand what BIM isn't and then moving towards what BIM is.
  • To get an Overview of BIM tools.
  • To understand the Technology used in BIM.
  • To know the Benefits of BIM.
  • To get a glance on Future of BIM.

Course Modules

  • What isn't BIM
  • BIM tools for Architecture
  • Structural BIM tools
  • Tools for sustainability
  • Facility Management using BIM
  • Uses & benefits of BIM

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