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Introduction to BIM

bim course

This BIM course will introduce BIM (Building Information Modeling). To get to know BIM construction, we will first elaborate what BIM is not, how construction industry adapted CAD and, moved from CAD to BIM. Later, you reach on to elaborating what is BIM and the Future of BIM.

Introduction to BIM Course in Construction 

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What’s it about?

Introduction to BIM gets easy if you know what BIM isn’t, so here we will first explain that, to clear the doubts of BIM. Once done with elaborating what isn’t BIM, we will further describe the journey from CAD to BIM and how the construction sector has adapted to this new BIM technology. Also, you will get to know how this technology has made designing and construction process more digitalized and brought effectiveness to construction projects.


Who is this course designed for?

This program is designed for-

  • Architecture students
  • Engineering students
  • Construction professionals in Architecture
  • Construction consultants

What’s involved?

The technology of BIM uses tools like Revit for authoring, Navisworks for coordination and collaboration, Bluebeam for Scheduling, Estimating and PDF Coordination, Sketchup for actual side view modeling in virtual reality, 4D for Time Management and Project Tracking, 5D For Quantity take-off and Cost Estimating, Tekla for Structural Analysis and Design.


Who can I be after this course?

The aim of this course:

  • To understand what BIM isn't and then moving towards what BIM is.
  • To get an Overview of BIM tools.
  • To understand the Technology used in BIM.
  • To know the Benefits of BIM.
  • To get a glance on Future of BIM.

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