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Evolution of construction Technology

construction management courses

This construction course, shows the evolution of advanced construction technology goes on from Neolithic, copper and bronze age, and up to the present. These dwelling places were made with utilization of limited resources, so they had certain limitations. We will elaborate this complete process of evolution in good detail to highlight the construction development in the construction courses.

Know The Evolution of Advanced Construction Technology

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What’s it about?

This module will help you to understand, how construction technology has evolved over a process of time. Historical development in construction technology has taken place where the pattern and design have developed from Neolithic era till date. The infrastructure and workforce used at each stage were different which had certain limitations. However, evolution in construction technology is going on, like living in caves, moving towards wood houses, then brick and concrete houses and so, on. Industrialization brought a rapid change in construction and with that came the issue of wastage and debris.

Who is this course designed for?

This program is designed for-

  • Architecture students
  • Engineering students
  • Construction professionals in Architecture
  • Construction consultants

What’s involved?

Earlier there were blueprints used for construction Blueprint or technical drawing, creating architecture or an engineering design, using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. Whiteprints replaced blueprints, use low-cost printing methods and digital displays. In the early 1940s, cyanotype blueprint superseded by diazo prints, also known as whiteprints, which had blue lines on a white background; so these drawings are also called blue-lines or bluelines. Other comparable dye-based copies are known as black lines, 3D Digital/virtual designs.


Who can I be after this course?

The aim of this course:

  • To understand the Chronological Development of the Construction.
  • To know about the age of Neolithic Construction.
  • To understand the Construction process in Copper, Bronze and Middle age.
  • To know how developed countries like Dubai etc. developed in short span of time with BIM.

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