Revit Basic Structure Modeling

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It’s beyond 3D modeling for visualization, coordination, and collaboration. By using Revit Structure software tool, we can create a virtual building, with all its properties, like you build a real castle, in Real World.

In Building information modeling, Revit Structure is a tool; just Revit is technology. By using Revit Basic Structure tool, it can collect all information in a single click like Elevation, Section, Schedule, Quantity etc. It’s also easy to create Rendering, Animation and Walkthrough Etc.

Revit Basic Structure is for everyone like Designer, Engineer, Stakeholder, etc

Who should attend:

  • Architecture students
  • Engineering students
  • Construction professionals in Architecture
  • Construction consultants

Career Opportunities:

If you are curious to know what your future could be in this area, below are some potential careers you could consider:

  • Structural Modeler
  • Structural Draftsman

Learning Objective

  • To understand the Revit Basic Structure.
  • To learn about Creation of Roofs and Slab Opening.
  • To make and modify Curtain Walls.
  • To build Stairs and generate Ramps.
  • To create and annotate Construction documents.
  • To understand Scheduling, Documentation, and Work-Sharing.

Course Modules

  • Spaces & Zones
  • Systems
  • Roofs
  • Openings
  • Stairs
  • Structural Modeling
  • Scheduling
  • Detailing
  • Documentation
  • Work-sharing
  • Presentation

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