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Navisworks has become an essential tool for the global BIM strategy. It's ability to integrate legacy systems has made it the most preferred software for executing coordination biddings and projects around the world. It also allows users to work in a single software environment and analyze BIM models. 
In this course, we will get familiarized with the essentials of Navisworks such as viewpoints, model navigation, working with objects & clash detection. 
This course provides basics to users who are very new to Navisworks so that they can understand the essentials of the Navisworks Software. 

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to-   

I. Outline the Navisworks file system for users

II. Inspect the navigation bar for navigation commands and its properties

III. Make use of viewpoints to change the view

IV. Examine the review tab to take measurements

V. Make use of Navisworks to modify items or objects

VI. Select functions like sort and group objects using the selection tree

VII. Test Models for Clash Detection in Navisworks

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for:

• Architecture students

• Engineering students

• Construction professionals in Architecture

• Technicians 
This program is designed for students and professionals to perceive better careers and upgrade their skill sets.

Career opportunity:
After the successful completion of this course, applicants can look for opportunities as: 

• Design Engineers

• Piping Designer

• Project Engineer

• Structural Designers

• BIM Modeler

• Mechanical Designer

• BIM Designer 

Learning Objective

  1. Demonstrate the main features and functionality of Navisworks.
  2. Select and Open 3D files in different formats.
  3. Estimate and compile 2D and 3D takeoff data to create material estimates and measure areas.
  4. Develop clash detection tests to check 3D design integrity.
  5. Create Photo-realistic output through lighting, adding materials, and environments.
  6. Perform Model reviews using review and reporting tools.
  7. Create interactive animations and presentations for demonstrations

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Navisworks

Module 2: Adding Materials in Navisworks

Module 3: Sets and Items

Module 4: Clash Result and Reporting

Module 5: Resolving and Reducing Clashes 

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