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4D Navisworks project review software helps AEC professionals review holistic information through integrated models and data.  It helps users gain control over project outcomes and helps teams communicate and analyze models to resolve conflicts and plan projects before the actual construction project begins.

By linking timelines of project tasks to model elements, users can create a 4D simulation of the construction process. Key building elements in the 4D simulation can be added to simplify the process and maximize the effectiveness and value of 4D processes. 
In this course, we will get familiarized with the essentials of Navisworks such as TimeLiner, quantification, animate objects, and add lighting effects. 
This course imparts fundamental training on 4D Navisworks to visualize the construction process in steps and simulate the building construction over time. 
 After successful completion of this course, students will be able to-  

 I. Create a TimeLiner in 4D Navisworks

 II. Make use of the workbook in determining Quantification for a project

III. Develop skills to animate objects in a model  IV. Compose various lighting effects and apply them to Models

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for

• Architecture students

• Engineering students

• Construction professionals in Architecture

• Technicians 
This program is designed for students and professionals to perceive better careers and upgrade their skill sets

Career opportunities: 

After the successful completion of this course, applicants can look for opportunities as: 
• Design Engineers

• Piping Designer

• Project Engineer

• Structural Designers

• BIM Modeler

• Mechanical Designer

• BIM Designer 

Learning Objective

  • Make use of the TimeLiner to visualize project workflow and progress
  • Create Schedules with Simulate and export the Animation
  • Outline the concept of Quantification and build Full Model Quantification in 4D
  • Determine the applications of exporting take off  to Excel
  • Make use of Animate, and Export objects in 4D Navisworks
  • Illustrate the way of adding TimeLine Animation in Navisworks
  • Create new scripts using scripter as a tool
  • Compose various lighting effects and modes for the objects in a model 

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to 4D Navisworks 
Module 2: Quantification  
Module 3: Animator and Scripter  
Module 4: Lighting Effects 

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