NIBT 302-Annotation & Tagging


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Most of the people look at the buildings and admire architecture, but forget that most integrate working system in most buildings are detailing services. This is especially true in more developed parts of world but the practice is catching up on domestic projects. On such projects 40 to 60% of construction cost is spent on services and the demand keeps on growing as the lifestyle comfort, safety and security demands keep rising. In construction industry, supply of such skilled people continues to be limited and demand growing. If you hear term “BIM Coordination”, it mostly means proper representation of trades like HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire protection.

If you dream a career to work on international project or complicated national project, you should know the working of these systems, their modeling techniques ,fabrication logistics planning and detailing. In the field of project management or BIM Management knowing Detailing (Annotation and tagging) services will provide you significantly more opportunities.

Owners, designer, engineers, and contractors get into delays and financial loss due to lack of annotation and tagging skills. This course will give you system knowledge so that you can detail services and BIM collaborate professionally using modern technologies and techniques.

 In today’s market, any construction professional might find it difficult to get jobs without having these skills. We wanted to showcase and hopefully teach these concepts to Indian students, to not only give them opportunity in international market, but also improve their career prospects in local market. Missions such as Smart Cities and already engaging modernized construction process and technologies, but struggle to find people equipped with such skills.

Learning Objective

The aim of this course: To understand
1.    Bluebeam Basics & Tools.
2.    Revit basics Introduction
a)    Revit basics Structure + Revit basics Architecture
b)    Revit basics HVAC
c)    Revit basics Plumbing
d)    Revit basics Electrical
e)    Revit basics Fire Protection
5.    Annotation & Tagging.
a)    Introduction to Annotation
b)    Mechanical Annotation
c)    Plumbing Annotation
d)    Electrical Annotation
e)    Fire Protection Annotation
f)    Print in different format
g)    Export in different format

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