The first tower with 68 floors to save maximum power consumption, will be the head office of VietinBank. The second tower with 48 floors will be 5-star hotels, health center, spa, and luxury department for hire.

Building a complex system orient with environment-friendly, decrease negative effect to the environment. Its design use inverter dehumidifier system, which helps hygroscopic water, separate water from the air and dry air. This air once will be frozen by groundwater and turned back into buildings. It saves about 35% as others.

The towers’ architectural concept was designed by Norman Foster, its technical design development was designed by Vinaconex R&D. Turner International is a project management consultant. Hoa Binh and Agrimeco are structure contractors joint venture. REE M&E is MEPF contractor. This building has been constructing the body massive structure and MEPF installation from the ground.

Because of the complexity of buildings’ structure and mechanical system, investors and project management consultant required the participants have to integrate BIM into the detail design stage, in which the bidders need:

- Have enough employees and tools to BIM implement for performing the required work to the prescribed standards and within the proposed contract period.

- Design shop-drawing and trades coordination in 3D BIM environment

- Send competency employee work on site to coordinate solving clashes.

- MEPF contractor REE M&E is responsible for setting BIM information system to share and coordinate solving space clashes.

REE M&E is one of top Vietnam competence companies in MEPF construction industry. REE have experiences in doing BIM shop-drawing for some project smaller than this project. But REE still has little experience in 3D coordination and modeling in scalable projects.

In a period of 4/2014 to 10/2014, BIM research team of Institute of Construction Economies – Ministry of Construction (ViBIM specialist participated in this team) trained human resource of REE on BIM workflow, created and delivery coordination progress.

After 2 months training, employees of REE can perform themselves the required works in contract with an investor, checklist and coordinate with other contractors solved well trade clashes and completed contract period with Turner – project manager consultant.

 In the table statistic trade clashes that detected and resolved until 07/2015, there are so many misses in design that can cause large harm for construction if not detected early. For an example is the size of hoistway elevators, the issue was concrete hoistway designed smaller than real car specification from the supplier.

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