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As we’ve entered the year 2022, we must make smart career decisions. These decisions can make or break our lives. Students who are in their 3rd or last year of engineering in India have to make a crucial choice on whether they should take up a management course, a job, or another technical course after their graduation. Many engineering students opt for a job as it gives them the ability to earn some amount of money and gain industry experience as well. The other lot looks at a management course in various domains viz. HR, Finance, IT, Business Development, etc. All these are fine, and we do respect an individual’s decision on setting their career and life path.

The prime objective of this article

This article would mostly focus on Revit MEP training or MEP Training, Revit MEP Institutes, Navisworks Training, and more. The reason we are focusing a lot on these courses is the deficiency of skilled manpower in the construction sector. There are thousands of students in India who pass out from various engineering streams, preferably AEC or (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction). Engineering firms on a global level are seeking professionals who have taken up a BIM training course. BIM has been one of the most important creations in the past decade for the AEC industry. It has saved millions of dollars, and hours on complex projects on a global level.

BIM uses this technology

What BIM does is uses various processes, tools, and technology like Revit, Navisworks, Dynamo, etc. to collaborate and build 3D models from various trades viz. Architecture, Structure, MEP, and Fire Protection(FP). Each model is combined into one federated model for project stakeholders to work on.

Take up a skill-based MEP course

Coming back to taking up a skill-based course, individuals and working professionals who wish to upgrade their skills in the AEC sector can take up an MEP training course that provides in-depth study on various HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing designs.

Architects can begin here

Architecture students can consider looking at a Revit Architectural Course & Revit Structural course, as this would serve as the basis to begin their BIM journey. If you wish to know more about the course benefits of MEP training, then you should visit a reliable Revit MEP institute that can provide holistic information on how these courses can augment your career.

Revit and Navisworks go hand-in-hand, here are some benefits of learning Navisworks

3D Revit models are reviewed in Navisworks predominantly to find and resolve clashes in the model, build a quantification, perform estimations, create walkthroughs, and more.

  1. Quantification
  2. IFC file reading
  3. BIM 360 Shared Views
  4. Project viewing and collaboration
  5. In-depth Model reviews
  6. Model analysis and simulations
  7. BIM-based project coordination
  8. Clash Detection
  9. 4D Scheduling

What does BIM reinforced with Navisworks do for a construction project or stakeholder?

  1. Reduces RFI volume
  2. Renders the project cost-efficient
  3. Creates green-oriented designs
  4. Offers cloud accessibility for users
  5. Uses a single model to view and detect clashes
  6. Saves on time, rework, and cost

In Summary

Students in India need to look at skill-based courses. AEC firms or employers prefer candidates who are skilled and groomed and are usually taken aboard as ready-to-work candidates as these firms do not have to train them with the required skill-set. As these individuals are given training on live projects, it becomes easier for managers to assign tasks and get work done easily. Students or course pass-outs also have the advantage of clutching better salaries than their non-skilled counterparts.

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