BIM for infrastructure & Online BIM training – things you need to know in 2022

owners, government, & AEC professionals are looking at huge numbers when it comes to BIM adoption on a global scale. Most of the countries have made it mandatory for project owners to implement at various project lifecycles.

Using this process, and its subsequent-technology gives project owners the power to leverage substantial project profits, time savings, and various perks from governments in the form of tax benefits, etc.

Here are some of the benefits or opportunities for governments to capitalize on based on BIM implementation.

  1. BIM streamlines workflows at various levels viz. – design workflows, coordination workflows, etc. Using BIM for government infrastructure projects like roads, transportation, bridges, railways, etc. makes the complete process very efficient and sustainable for long-term benefits.
  2. Using BIM simulations for disaster prevention – Model-based analysis of various factors that cause natural disasters, helps engineers and designers build robust infrastructure that can prevent heavy losses.

This can be achieved by building centralized clash-free 3D models, running simulations for floods, etc.

  1. Building infrastructure is complex, but keeping tabs or maintaining it is even difficult – if project owners or the government does not go through proper information and asset handover.

Handing over assets like CAD drawings, PDFs, etc. in different formats is a challenge building owners usually face that leads to mismanagement of the entire facility.

Facility Management comprises a heavy investment percentage in terms of costs and time, and BIM serves as the perfect solution to maintain facilities through centralized repositories, managing inventories, scheduling maintenance runs, reducing energy consumption, and more.

  1. BIM saves a lot of time and costs on Utility Infrastructure – since utility infrastructure can drive some of the largest budgets, the application of BIM for new and existing infrastructure improves cost and time reduction for both- horizontal and vertical BIM.
  2. Building Mega-Airports is a monumental task – airport infrastructure can be one of the most complex systems that require BIM adoption.

Billions of dollars are spent on Airport construction and maintenance. BIM serves as the best option for the government to accelerate airport projects, be it new or existing for Architecture, Structure, Design, Collaboration, MEP, Facilities Management, etc.

All this happens around a centralized project model based on various trades.

Now, to adopt BIM processes, you would require BIM professionals who know BIM technology.

The demand for BIM professionals is extremely high, but the supply is quite less in comparison.

There could be various reasons for that, viz.

  • Lack of knowledge about BIM concepts and adoption
  • Training cost constraints
  • Time constraints
  • Inability to adopt new processes or technology
  • Other reasons

Whatever the reason may be, it’s time to gear up as students and working professionals can leverage the power of Online BIM courses. Yes, BIM training institutes on a global level render high-impact BIM courses that provide best-in-class learning resources in the form of audio, video, text, images, & more.

Every E-learning course is set up on an LMS or Learning Management System, wherein learners can buy BIM courses at affordable pricing and learn at their own pace. These lessons are integrated with an online quiz, question sets, etc. to test your learning and certification at the end of a test.

Key Takeaways

BIM will hold an exceptional up-curve in 2022 and beyond, wherein greater numbers of AEC professionals will have to be “BIM-ready”, to secure good career opportunities in the construction industry. If you’re not new to online education or learning and are interested in buying Online BIM courses, then an institute like NIBT is the right place to begin.  

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