5 top ways to find the best BIM training sources to enhance your AEC career.

The construction industry has undergone a drastic change in technology for the past several years. BIM processes and their tools are used regularly at the office and onsite. AEC employees and project stakeholders will need prior training on how these tools work to make sure they can thrive in this evolving construction tech game. It can, after all, be hard to stay up-to-date with the ins and outs of tools and software as each one gets an upgrade.

Lifelong learning and gaining new knowledge past formal education will continue to be crucial. The path of knowledge and training will define how professionals in the construction industry continue to observe success on the job. Brushing up or mastering updated or new software systems qualify as a lifelong endeavor, and it isn’t expensive anymore.

So how do you find the best BIM training institute that delivers advanced training on BIM processes and tools like Revit, Navisworks, Bluebeam, and other tools?

Where do you look for BIM training?

The good news is, there are several sources and places that offer these services. And for some of them, you don’t have to leave your home or office premises. Remember, this can be a challenging process, as it takes time to find a training location or service that best fits your needs. In the long term, it is worth the effort.

First, you’ll need to identify what kind of training you seek; do you require a generalized BIM course; basic introduction course on software like Revit & Navisworks; an advanced BIM course; courses based on learning categories like a classroom, e-learning, or virtual training? Do you require recertification, maintain a certification, or get new certification. Quick wins mentioned here can guide you to the correct location for training.

Professional Associations

If you’re put up in the US, then associations like “The Association of General Contractors of America (AGC) is an authorized body of perpetual education and professional credits. Another association that keeps a large database of BIM learning providers is “The National Association of Home Builders”, wherein users can search for courses using keywords like BIM, and even specify various training categories viz. workshops, conferences, or webinars. The “American Institute of Constructors” also offers various professional training opportunities that help you thrive on industry trends and keep your skills sharp.

Community Colleges

There are many institutions wherein a degree is required to take classes. It’s worth making a call to a local job-training institute to determine if they offer BIM training, and whether or not you need to be enrolled as a student.

Local Classes 

Considering a similar vein, there are local classes or institutions all over the globe that host BIM training. If you’re put up in India, a training institute like NIBT can help you leverage top-notch BIM training for various categories viz. Classroom, E-learning, and Virtual.

Online or e-Learning programs or virtual learning

This is a very popular training method amongst millions of users, as there are thousands of online BIM training programs on e-Learning sites like Lynda, Udemy, NIBT, and various other sites. Learners can proceed through many of these courses with self-paced learning. Institutions like NIBT offer BIM and Revit courses on Architecture, Structure, MEP, Navisworks, 4D Navisworks, and more. Every course has been designed and developed by BIM experts with high-quality videos, animation, question sets, and certification at the end of the course.

Conventional architect-owner and owner-contractor contracts limit collaboration between the designer and the builder. As the owner leaves the BIM authoring standards to others, builders or owners themselves should be adaptable and pragmatic to manage projects through industry standards and practices. Taking BIM courses helps various project stakeholders analyze, plan, and integrate schedule, cost, and other management functions.

Virtual learning creates a platform where students can take instructor-led courses through video conferencing software. This is a digital, yet more face-to-face approach for learners to follow instructors based on industry-based curriculum, practice tests, certification, and more.


It is important, AEC students and professionals do not rule out domestic and international conferences like Autodesk University, NIBT webinars, etc. These conferences exist for learners to up skill the use of product upgrades, learn emerging trends and technologies, BIM evolution and integration for various project types, and more.


Going back to learning to up skill via perpetual learning and opportunities can help make you feel like a student again. Soon, you’d be embracing the presence of such educational opportunities to grow as a professional and take steps that help your career and business.

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