Indian Construction Industry Facing Serious Skill Shortage

The Indian Construction Industry Is Facing Serious Labor Shortage, Let’s Check The Real Heck Here.



The Indian construction industry in the current scenario is facing an acute shortage of workforce especially those who have the skill-sets in sustaining the mushrooming growth in the housing and infrastructure sector, despite the massive and enormous investments in the industry. The Indian construction industry in India employs almost 42 million people, with 85% being small workers like the masons, carpenters and the other percentage accounting for the managers, supervisors and the engineers. Cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata are the most affected as compared to other small and upcoming cities.

The burgeoning growth has increased the demands for the construction workers, and it’s becoming a chief and a daunting task for most employers. In fact, the shortage of labor force has massively slowed down the growth of the industry in the main cities and the metro across the country. The graduates from the construction courses don’t find the job as lucrative. Thus they opt for IT jobs particularly in the Middle East that has promising pays. The shortage of labor is a huge problem in the construction sector. Changes of aspiration of the people due to the high levels of education and the emergence of opportunities in other areas are bringing a massive shift in the focus of the Indian school leavers and graduates.

Check The Real Heck Here Why Indian Construction Industry Is Facing Acute Skill Shortage


Besides that, jobs in most companies are temporary because when there is the completion of the project, the employers are forced to shift to other areas. While the shortage of workers is quite alarming, there is a translation of bagful opportunities that has sprouted in thousands of enterprising business sectors. According to Priya Swarup, the Director General, Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), as much as the levels of education are rising and there are creation and emergence for new avenues of employment.

Indian construction industry

As much as there are government pledges for more massive house building drives and investment in Indian infrastructure sector, the shortage of skills is expected to get worse. Therefore, finding the right professionals with robust and technical expertise and knowledge’s is increasingly becoming difficult. Thus, the employers are seeking tactic such benefits, increase wages and salaries so as to attract workers into their organizations. Aside from the causality due to a shortage of workforce, the reduced turnover has significantly affected most companies, since they have been forced to lower the standards for recruitment. Enterprises that had stringent and severe standards of qualified are compelled to hire unqualified personnel so as to meet the demand needed in the labor force.

According to the survey by CIDC, large projects in the main industrial belt get delayed for over twelve months due unavailability of skilled workers eventually escalating costs for the construction process. According to Swarup, the Director at CIDC, the Indian construction industry is witnessing a gradual decline in the intake of labor due to poor mechanization of work and the overall poor health of the company. Besides that, the sector is in bad shape as a result of the small budget allocation for the public expenditures on the infrastructure. Thus, the decreased opportunity in employments highly affects the intakes of labor.


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Indian Construction Industry Facing Serious Skill Shortage
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