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Smart Roads

Smart Road

Why invest time, energy and money on such expensive car models when the necessary foundation, that is the smart roads are still stuck up in the medieval age? Isn't this question arises when we look at the highways or the roads in our cities?

Why the smart roads in our cities are not smarter? Why are we not able to develop the smart city roads that charge with the solar energy and light up at night? Why? As far as the software to torpedo the gridlocks and expunge the bad drivers will develop, the next big thing could be the smart road technology, solar-powered roads.

Today, the connection of the word "Smart City Roads" to any noun has become inevitable. Smart can be connected with thinking, connection, and mobile technologies as well as linked to the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart phones, smart cars, smart cities, smart gadgets, smart wearable and many smart things, it is a quick ever-expanding list of excellence.

So, the question is how to develop a smarter way to take care of our increasing daily odyssey on our smart road technology? How to build the smart roads ?

Paramount features of Smart Road Technology

With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies and growing need for the high-end vehicles to run on the roads, the demand for smart roads is increasing. The excellent thing is that the technology is already here, what is used to develop smart cars, smart watches and cities smarter can equally be used to make roads smart as well. There is a Zero possibility to have "A Smart City without smart city roads."

The modern futuristic smart roads will be more vivid. They will come with the sensors, data capture capabilities and also with the designs that feature glow-in-the-dark linings, dynamic paint, highly interactive light system and electric priority lanes. Perhaps, the future roads will 'talk' to cars, Roads will be 'alive' soon.

In turn, we will automatically experience quicker, safer and more efficient road trips without any traffic jams which ultimately follow a positive impact on the environment.

Innovative instances of the Smart Roads

The Smart Road technology is already in implementation in the countries like Korea and Netherlands. In 2013, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) installed the first electronically charged bus route in the city. Its significant feature was, the route was able to charge the electric bus that drove on it.

The main purpose of the project was to allow the buses in the city to travel larger distance without stopping anywhere to recharge which in turn, allows frequent bus service and extra comfort for the Straphangers using them.

The Netherland smart city roads featured the most excellent techniques which are beneficial for the travelers by adding more convenience while travelling. The roads are equipped with the sensors and designed with the interactive light technology like glow-in-the-dark linings, dynamic paints. Due to the emergence of such exclusive technologies, the safety of the travelers is automatically taken care of. Not only will this improves the journey but it will also build an advantageous road network.

The roads that think feel and envision the needs of people also having the environmental sense, charge our vehicles and help in improving the safety are the actual smart roads that certainly make a difference to the world.

You will be contented to know that the smart road technology are in the pipeline!

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