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Smart Highways

Smart Road

How Smart Highways are Beneficial for the Next Generation Communications Networks?

Despite the profuse technological enhancement made to the vehicles, mobiles, and cars, we see meager developments to the bitumen roads. There are myriad things that can be carried out on the smart roads which help in innovating and reconstructing the driving experience when it comes to road safety. The masterminds in this sector are trying hard to improve driving experience by innovating various ideas like to use roads to store solar energy from the sun directly and transfer that energy into electricity for homes.

In this write-up, we are going to see how the smart highways are beneficial for the future generation communication networks giving the user-friendly experience while driving.
Salient features of the smart highways:

1. Glow in the Dark

In the recent scenario, we see a large budget spend on the road lighting system across thousands of miles, instead an innovative idea to use glow in the dark road markings is an excellent as well as more resilient alternative. Such markings are already in use on the smart roads in an N329 highway, Netherland. The indications on the road are made using the paint that consists of photo-illuminizing powder that "charges up" during the day. There are green glow markings stretched for 500 m long and will shine for up to 8 hours every night giving you the most excellent driving experience.

2. Interactive Lighting system

Besides from the glow in the dark paint, there is also an inventive idea to make use of the motion sensors lights. The interactive lights work in this manner: when any vehicle advances to a particular stretch of a road, the motion sensors will brighten only that part of the road. The light will glow shining as the car comes closer and will slowly dim away as it moves away.

The interactive lighting system is a splendid idea for the highways that are less traveled or not always traffic jammed. It helps in providing the night visibility as and when needed, thus proving the best for road safety.

3. The Wind-Powered Light System

This is an innovative idea that in which the wind-powered lights will power up itself using the pinwheels to create the electricity. The produced electricity will use to light up the lights on the pinwheels, ultimately lighting up the smart roads path.

As the name suggests, the wind is used to power up the lights; these wind-powered lights will only illuminate as cars pass by the area. The pinwheel generators are set along the car's path at the roadside so that it continuously light up the paths as the cars pass by.

4. The Electric Priority Lane

Another fascinating idea to build the smart highway is the electric priority lane where electric vehicles (EV) the user can charge up their wagon on the go by just driving in the right lane.

The roads will have entrenched magnetic fields that can charge the vehicle on the go. This concept is very useful in the countries where there are many EVs on the road ensuring that the electric cars do not require looking at charging stations and can even keep their vehicle charged for the long journeys too.

5. The Solar Roadways

I mentioned in the intro about the roads that can store solar energy. Well, it was not just a theory but, it is indiegogo projects that want to install the solar panels on the glass roads integrated with LEDs and the microprocessors. Why glass roads? As glass can replenished, its environmentally friendly and its strength can be improved to even stronger than steel.

During the winters, the solar panels are also useful in melting the snow and the sun energy utilized can be used to power electrical requirements.

The road is now no longer remaining as a midway just locomote from one place to another. Smart Highways allows us to charge electric cars and utilize the solar energy in an efficient way. With the technological advancements in every field, roads are not left behind. Favourably there will be more future technology that adds user-friendly experience while on the go and makes our roads smarter and secure to travel.

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