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Organizational Behavior

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The study of both group and individual conduct and activity within an organization is termed as Organizational Behavior.

Why people behave in a specific way in a corporate environment? What are the factors that influence the job performance, communication between the employees, job responsibilities, and leadership styles? Many have studied on this topic to find ways of effective organizational performance. Let’s have a brief look at what is organizational behavior and what are its different types?

Organizational Behavior, what it is?

The study of the occurrences on the individuals and group of people working within an organization is term as Organizational behavior. It is a versatile field that includes sociology, psychology, communication and management within the organization. It is more focused on everyday business practices.

The organizational behavior unit builds and distributes the knowledge that enhances the understanding which leads to efficient management.

Various types of Organizational Behavior   

The organizational studies surround the study of organizations from multiple outlooks, methods and levels of analysis. “Micro” organizational behavior specifies to individual    and group gestures within an organization. “Macro” strategic management and organizational theory analyses complete organizations and industries, specifically how they conform the strategies, structures and the possibilities that guide them.

Many factors come into scenario whenever there is communication between the peoples in organizations. Modern organizational studies try to understand and model these factors. The various organizational studies explore to control, predict and explain. The organizational behavior plays a significant role in corporate development, increasing overall organizational performance and also boosting the individual and group performance, achievement and commitment.

Subjects in Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior is specifically suitable in the field of management because it surrounds many of the issues managers face regularly.

•    The concepts such as leadership, team building, decision making and motivation are all the aspects of the organizational behavior and responsibilities of management.

•    Understanding not only how to deal with the task and coordinate the resources but also how to analyze behavior and spark productivity is significant for success in management.

Organizational behavior also deals with the culture in an appropriate management. The company or a corporate culture is crucial to define, but it is extremely related to how the organization's functions.

Understanding and identifying these cultures and behaviors of various groups is also a core topic in the organizational behavior.

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