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BIM Collaboration

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Today, we live in an information affluent world where the conventional 2D drawings are overcome by the new revolutionary technologies in the construction sector. BIM Application is one of such technologies that dive from the encyclopaedia to Wikipedia.

BIM Application is usually a collaborative approach to construction that includes coordination of various disciplines to create a structure in a virtual and visual atmosphere. The significance of BIM implementation is a collaborative working process in construction work. Thus, the project involved parties could make maximum benefit of collaborative arrangements developing efficiency and influence. The collaboration process allows the project team to work efficiently, specifically before the actual start of the project.

Bim is defined as a digital representation of a physical and practical aspect of a facility that serves a collaborative platform for all the stakeholders to share their expertise and information. Sufficient information increases the communication that automatically leads to exchange exact, updated information for the decision makers to form a true choice.

BIM Application is also a shared digital representation founded on open standards for interoperability, thus demanding collaboration to unleash the service of BIM implementation and to inflate the return on investments of stakeholders.

BIM is divided into three stages:

  1. Object-based Modeling
  2. Model-based collaboration
  3. Network-based Integration

It is essential to know that BIM project needs a particular process of activities. The method includes high-end transactions on data, information, and knowledge. An outstanding BIM project deeply relies on effective collaboration among all the involved parties including the owner of the project. BIM is one way to handle the process with cooperation, integration and coordination challenges right now faced in the construction sector.

BIM is linked to the greater level of efficiency regarding communication and collaboration. The collaborative process is one of the key factors for BIM success. The total potential of BIM can be realized by considering knowledge, technology and the relationship.

The precise coordination and collaboration in building design with BIM will surely drive the project toward the favourable outcome.

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