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Design Management

BIM Technology

Design Management surrounds the ongoing processes, business decisions and strategies that facilitate innovation and create exciting designed products, services, communications and brands that embellish the quality of our life and provide organizational glory.

It is a business discipline that handles project management, design, strategic management and supply chain techniques to curb the creative process and support the art of creativity and efficiently build structure and organization for design.

On a profound level, design management explores to link design, innovation, technology, management, and customers to furnish competitive advantages across the economical, social and environmental factors. Design Management is nothing but the creative skill and science of permitting design objctive to boost collaboration and teamwork between 'design' and 'business' to raise the effectiveness of strategic management.

The design management in the construction world targets on the analysis and administration of the development and construction process in the building industry. Also, targets the coordination of the activities and performances of the parties involved in the particular project. The design management includes planning and process management, strategic management, collaborative designing, building information modeling (BIM) and various innovations in the construction arena.

The important objective of Design Management is to establish and maintain the dynamic business environment in which an organization can accomplish its strategic and mission goals through the design. Design Management is a far-reaching activity at all levels of business (Operational to Strategic) i.e. from the introductive phase to the execution phase.

The scope of Design Management ranges from the strategic management of corporate design functions including design operations, staff, means and modes and processes to the vital assistance of design across the organization. It also includes the use of design objective to determine general business problems. To conclude, Design Management is both complex and compulsory. It has become a strategic boon in brand equity and product quality for many upcoming firms in the construction world. In the current scenario, many organizations administer design management to improve design related activities and to connect design with the corporate strategy superiorly.


Let's have a brief look at such new techniques that could change the view of the construction industry in the current scenario.

Organizational Behavior

BIM Technology

The study of both group and individual conduct and activity within an organization is termed as Organizational Behavior.

Why people behave in a specific way in a corporate environment? What are the factors that influence the job performance, communication between the employees, job responsibilities, and leadership styles? Many have studied on this topic to find ways of effective organizational performance. Let’s ...

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Strategic Management

BIM Technology

Strategic Management is termed as an art and science of developing, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that grant an organization to achieve its various goals and objectives.

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Production And Operations Management

BIM Technology


Production and operations management is an umbrella term which surrounds a spectrum of ideas within the managerial circles. The core of any business is to provide the requirements of the customer by providing apt services and goods and also create value for customers and help in solving the problems of the customers.

Production and operations management is about implementing business organizational and manageme...

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Franchise Management And Operations

BIM Technology

Operation Impacts Franchise Management

Franchise management in the business arena is never a child’s play; it requires an efficient technique and precise and thoughtful planning to manage and handle the complete process efficiently. You can be guided about the how's and what’s of this process from your franchise provider, since he has good experience of this.

Tools Of Operations Team For Franchise Management

The tools to have impressive and val...

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Customer Relationship Management

BIM Technology

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services

Customer Relationship Management has a very vital role to play in the successful and productive working of the business of any type. Having good customer services can always have the better impact about the company on the minds of the customers, which will later help in building a long-term relationship between the company and the clients. This gives the picture as to how important customer relationship manageme...

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