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BIM Management

BIM Technology

The current buzzword in the building industry is BIM (Building Information Modeling). Well, the enthusiast has come up with the new trends and innovations in this high-tech arena that helps to evolve the AEC industry beyond the imagination level.

There is the most common misconception that BIM (Building Information Modeling) means a 3D design of building, in fact, it is galore of ingenious construction trends. In a simple language, BIM application is the process for creating and managing all the information during project life cycle i.e. Designing, pre-construction budgeting, construction execution, and operations.

In a very professional language, BIM(Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that adorns architecture, engineering and construction professionals with the intuition and tools to manage, plan, design and construct buildings infrastructure to yield noticeable results.

Let's have a brief look at such new techniques that could change the view of the construction industry in the current scenario.

BIM Integration

BIM Technology

The recent expeditious evolution of BIM software and its teamwork adoption among the building discipline proposes that BIM in construction holds an astounding promise for the future of the building. Due to its many uses and effectiveness, contractors and construction associations are in the limelight of the BIM debate. The far-reaching nature of BIM in construction suggests that it will become an integrating catalyst among AEC industry. There needs to spread ...

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BIM Collaboration

BIM Technology

Today, we live in an information affluent world where the conventional 2D drawings are overcome by the new revolutionary technologies in the construction sector. BIM Application is one of such technologies that dive from the encyclopaedia to Wikipedia.

BIM Application is usually a collaborative approach to construction that includes coordination of various disciplines to create a structure in a virtual and visual atmosphere. The significance of BIM ...

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BIM Technology

4D BIM (Building Information Modeling) is extensively used term in the 3D CAD industry in the current scenario. It refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components or the assemblies with time or schedule-related information. The use of the term 4D BIM is proposed to apply to the fourth dimension (time) i.e. 4D is 3D plus schedule (time).

The construction building of the 4D BIM models facilitates the various participants of a building project from ar...

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BIM Technology

It has been a great void in the pre-construction and general design process in the construction industry. Customarily, initial architectural concepts and designs are mostly depending on the sketches, free floor plans, and area discussions. While with the onset of new technologies in the construction sector, the AEC industry has been in a boom in the current scenario and the 5D BIM is helping to fill the void in an appropriate manner.

What is 5D BIM?

When y...

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