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General Construction Management

BIM Technology

Construction Management is significant service that utilizes specific project management techniques to manage the planning, design, and construction of a project start from start to end. The purpose of Construction Management is to monitor project’s time, cost, and maintain the quality. In this module, let us review various elements of construction project management. We will learn what the key things that are involved construction management including estimation and costing, billing & cash flow management, logistics management, earned value management are. The basics of Contract Management, Tender management, are also taught in this module. Also, we will learn what the various managerial responsibilities are, what is facility management, operation management in construction project management. The construction management knowledge, methods, and processes are well-defined in this module and insights of various construction aspects are taught in detail. To conclude, we will learn the in-depth understanding of multiple aspects involved in construction project management to accomplish productive project delivery systems within the time- frame.

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