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Engineering Management

BIM Technology

The cities are first and foremost built for people, and in today’s scenario, people produce a colossal volume of data, thus contributing to “Smart Cities.” In this module, learn about Smart Cities within the context of management of urban infrastructures. The introduction of Smart Urban technologies into traditional infrastructures has resulted in numerous challenges and opportunities for modern cities and will continue to do so. This course will help you to understand how to make the best of these smart technologies in your cities traditional infrastructures.

Smart cities projects comprise of human-made structures that are monitored, metered, networked and controlled. With this functionality and in combination with the sensors and mobile devices, data and information have become the new building materials of future cities. Using this data, the citizens are influenced to redesigning the existing structures.

In this engineering management course, you will learn the basics of civil construction, airport construction along with understanding the concept of smart cities. Also, you will get the in-depth knowledge of Hospital construction and engineering. As well as how the dynamic behavior and citizen-driven learning differentiate the responsive city from the smart city.

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