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Managing Responsibility

The Managers are the significant persons in any organizations. The Managers are increasingly confronted with the issues of sustainability, responsibility,and moral values. Manager responsibilities are theintegrative approach towards the betterment of the organization which allows you as a manager to deal with various challenges. The course will simplify your learning process to engage in changing practices to make managers more sustainable, responsible and ethical.

Learn Effective Managing Responsibility to Better Career

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What’s it about?

In this course, get introduced to the context of the trend towards the responsible management practices. Then explore the basics of set of issues, sustainability, responsibility,and ethics. Latterly, you will work on your own responsible management issues and examine responsible management practices in the area of construction for betterment of your organization. 

Who is this course designed for?

The program is mainly designed for:

  • Engineers
  • Management Students
  • Practitioners in Construction Industry
  • Architects
  • Graduates from any field 

What’s involved?

BIM technology and the tools that you will require for accomplishing your Managing responsibilitybased on your project.

Who can I be after this course?

Consider following career opportunities after completion of this course:

  • Project Manager
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • General Manager 

The aim of this course:

  • Managing Responsibly
  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Professions and Occupations
  • Integration 'Bringing it all together

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Access To Live Projects

Learning is simpler, but the implementation is difficult. NIBT gives you this golden opportunity to execute your knowledge to the fullest.

Well Defined Career Path

To achieve your career goal as per your perspective and enhance skills. Through our well-defined matrix consisting of Technology, Software, Engineering Knowledge, and Managerial Scope.

Engaging Panels

India is blessed with young talents, to create awareness in our education system about new technologies in the field of construction management engaging panels is essential.

Four Pillars of Success

You have to climb gradually towards your goal with the guidance of these pillars - Fundamentals, Tools, Exposures, and Leadership & Management

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