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Construction Scheduling

This module will introduce 4D BIM which refers to intelligent linking of 3D CAD components or assemblies with time or schedule-related information. 4D BIM involves time-related information being associated with project development. 4D adds the time factor of the construction schedule to the 3D model.It allows stakeholders to visualize the construction phase in a virtual environment to realize opportunities to enhance construction sequencing.

Unlock 4D BIM Construction Schedule in Project 

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What’s it about?

4D BIM is an advanced construction management method that is increasingly used by the project delivery teams working on larger projects. 4D modeling allocatesthe advantages to the owners to a greater extent during the design phase. By visualizing construction sequences as compared to the actual construction works.The construction of the 4D models enables the various stakeholders (architects, designers, contractors,andclients) to visualize the complete duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities throughout the project lifecycle.

4D-BIM (four-dimensional building information modeling)

3D +Information =3D Intelligent Model

Model +Time (D) = BIM 4D

Who is this course designed for?

This program is designed for architecture, engineering students or Construction professional in architecture, consulting, and construction firms perceiving better careers and willing to upgrade their skill sets.

What’s involved?

BIM technology and the tools that you will require for 4D BIM are:

  • Navisworks
  • Synchro
  • Sketch up
  • Vico

Who can I be after this course?

Various opportunities after completion of this course are:

  • Project planner/scheduler
  • resource planner

The aim of this course:

  • Introduction to 4D BIM
  • How is 4D BIM used in different phases of construction?
  • What Does 4D BIM Mean to YOU?
  • 4D Tools
  • 4D Simulation on Navisworks
  • Advantages of 4D
  • Disadvantages of 4D
  • Applications of 4D other than construction industry
  • Input & output of 4d modeling
  • Conclusion
  • 4D Simulation on Navisworks

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